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All things change with time and need. For the Centre for Integrated Education and Community the time arrived with the passing of one of our founders, Marsha Forest, internationally known and loved originator, creator, instigator. The need was the need to honour and remember Marsha's passing in a way which would be meaningful to her and to her many friends around the world. The newly renamed MARSHA FOREST CENTRE is dedicated to carrying on the work begun by Marsha in ways of which Marsha would approve.

After a number of thinking and planning meetings the Centre's board has defined the outline of a new and yet old mandate. The new is to be proactive as a Centre in initiating and supporting activities which have not been central previously. We shall support directly people and organizations trying to advance inclusion in education and community, but doing so on a shoestring. We shall initiate research projects to be conducted under the Centre's aegis or in collaboration with others. We shall initiate community development projects with our old friends and our new friends. Together we are better!

The old will be to continue with the developmental and creative adventures which have characterized the Centre since its founding. We shall speak out on issues of segregation and discrimination. We shall go to people who need support. We shall write from our hearts and continue Inclusion News. We shall work across national boundaries. We shall respect and support the efforts of others to make the world more inclusive in every way.

The MARSHA FOREST CENTRE invites you to support us financially and spiritually so that we can continue to work together to change the world around us.

The Marsha Forest Centre is a registered Canadian Charity.
Registration Number: 896480944RR0001
It was founded in 1989 to foster the development of inclusion.

The Centre's program focus is the development of future leadership for inclusion through the creation of focused programs, materials and research that will create a world where Everyone Belongs.

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